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We envision a world where everyone’s voice is heard.

Putting people at the center of every decision.

Today we find ourselves in a world where new technology, the rapid flow of information, and historic events are swiftly transforming public opinion. Americans are questioning who has power, who’s being heard, and who can be trusted. In this transformation, we see old systems fading and new ones emerging.

The moment demands a new approach to public opinion research – one that understands and amplifies diverse voices, questions conventions, and changes narratives that block progress.

At PerryUndem, we use data, research, and scientific rigor to provide evidence and support those who seek to uncover truths, challenge the status quo, and create something new.

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Media Mentions of Our Work

Their knowledge and expertise is so much deeper. They are collaborative and feel like a real partner. You realize they care about the issue that you are working on and they are not always trying to upsell you.

Carter Steger, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network