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We started PerryUndem because we want to work on the most challenging issues of our time. We do not operate on the surface — we go deep, we look into people’s lives, we break down complex public policy, and we report what we learn in clear, direct ways. We approach research creatively so that we can unlock new insights and openings. We go to great lengths to hear the voice of those most affected by issues and public policies. No one has conducted research in as many languages and strange locations as we have! Health care reform implementation is a major focus for us right now – ask us and we will be glad to share what we are learning. We care deeply about many other issues and are active on reproductive health, LGBT issues, poverty, and more. We are a non-partisan firm.


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Mike Perry, Partner, has conducted public policy research for 23 years for non-profit organizations, foundations, universities, issue organizations, and government agencies. He works on today’s most pressing public issues such as poverty, obesity and hunger issues, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, children’s issues, global development assistance, substance use, and more. Mike specializes in health care research, particularly issues relating to health care reform, the uninsured, public health programs (Medicaid, Medicare), and more.

Mike’s studies have received national attention. For example, Mike conducted research with New Yorkers who lost health coverage after 9/11 about their access to health care. He also went to New Orleans soon after Hurricane Katrina to interview low-income and medically needy survivors to learn about their health care challenges and highlight their medical needs. More recently, Mike’s focus has been on health care reform, and he is leading studies in a number of states and for national education campaigns to prepare the public to enroll in health coverage in 2014.

Before co-founding PerryUndem, Mike was a partner at the national polling firm Lake Research Partners for 16 years.  He has a BA in English from Mt. St. Mary’s University and an MA in International Relations from the University of Southern California.


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Tresa Undem, Partner, has conducted public policy research for 14 years for non-profit organizations, foundations, universities, and government agencies. She works on a number of health-related policy issues, including health reform implementation, delivery system reform, health IT, costs, and quality. Tresa also works on LGBT issues, reproductive health, and food/nutrition. She has briefed numerous state and federal policymakers on her work, including members of Congress, White House staff, Secretary Sebelius, and CMS leadership.

Tresa holds a Masters Degree from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a member of the American Association of Public Opinion Research, and has been a reviewer, presenter, and discussant at its national conferences.

Tresa channels all of her adulthood – responsibility, seriousness, intellect, wisdom – into her work. She loves kids, but feels lucky not to be a parent so she can spend her free time behaving like a child: napping, eating, and playing with her partner and BFFs.


PageLines- nm_10_175.pngNaomi Mulligan Kolb, Associate Analyst, has been conducting public policy research since 2008. Naomi works on both qualitative and quantitative research projects across a broad range of health care policy issues including health care reform, Medicaid and Medicare, long-term care, nutrition and healthy eating, and more.

Naomi is an experienced focus group moderator. In addition to conducting and analyzing public opinion research she leads the supervision of focus group recruiting and coordinating survey fielding.

Naomi’s interest in public policy research began while studying in Washington, DC at UCLA’s Center for American Politics and Public Policy. This interest quickly grew into a passion for working on complex health policy issues and putting research into action.

She holds a BA in Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles.



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Mary Slosar, PhD, is a brilliant methodologist, researcher, and analyst. She has worked with Mike and Tresa since 2011 and has led large-scale research projects for several of our clients including AARP and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.





Keith Veal, PhD, is a talented moderator and researcher who specializes in bringing the voices of those who are often marginalized in mainstream research to the table. Keith has worked with us for ten years.







Our research for Enroll America

On health reform implementation

  • Helping Planned Parenthood educate young women about the ACA
  • Studying consumers’ perceptions around affordability of insurance plans for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Studying how to communicate to the LGBT community around ACA enrollment for the Center for American Progress
  • Tracking awareness of state exchanges in Vermont, Washington, Connecticut, and DC
  • Extensive research to inform Enroll America‘s campaign
  • Public opinion toward accepting funds to cover more Americans through Medicaid
  • A study profiling the uninsured for the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
  • Research to inform Health Benefit Exchanges in WA, VT, RI, and DC
  • Research among low-income adults around reform for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Communicating to the public on delivery system reform and payment reform


On other complex issues

  • For AARP, “Family Today: A Study of U.S. Families” looks at the changing nature of families
    Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 8.46.41 AM

    A woman tells her story from our AARP study on economic realities facing older adults

  • How older Americans are dealing with new economic realities – another study for AARP – see compelling “microdocumentaries” of our research participants
  • We are updating a study for the Human Rights Campaign on how LGBT employees feel in their workplaces


Recently in the press

  • Sarah Kliff writes about our research for the Center for American Progress on LGBTs and the ACA
  • A Washington Post article about the White House’s campaign around Obamacare
  • Associated Press writes about a study we helped conduct on hospital readmissions for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
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    Hospital Readmission study for RWJF

  • A Forbes article also comments on the hospital readmission study
  • A Washington Post article citing our team’s research for Enroll America, including Sarah Kliff’s take on our focus groups
  • A New York Times article on our research around awareness and enrollment in 2014
  • Reuters, Miami HeraldChicago Tribune, Des Moines Register, USA Today on our polling around accepting federal funds to cover more uninsured through Medicaid for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network